Our Simulator System

1. Excellent Take off and landing feeling
(our simulator flight control is based on real aircraft yoke, pulley and controll system.

The yoke handling very close to realistic. We have a real Cessna Throttle and Mixture parts. It feels like real aircraft)

2. Real Airplane Environment
(Our simulator is built from a real Cessna 172 Frame.

With a correct dimension and calibrated sound, it is as tight as the real aircraft and give as close as realistic feel when you sit on it)

3. Realistic Visual Maping
(Our platform show all street, toll road, land visual checkpoints like lake, street, sea from all over the world.

Our simulator can be flown using visual reference by following roads and etc.

Our simulator are capable to simulate visual pilotage until 90%)

4. Correct Horizon Feel
(Our simulator Can be flown solely using visual horizon.

Most other simulator dont show close to realistic horizon level and a feeling of aircraft slight decend or climbing.

In this simulator even with visual only will show the feeling of slight climb or slight decend during flight)

5. Very Realistic Cross Country feeling
(With our simulator you will be able to simulate cross country feeling with the correct speed algorithm)

Reguler Flight Packages

Joyflight min. 30 mins

Flying over city to enjoy scenery view

Circuit Pattern min. 30 mins

Learn aircraft basic handling, take-off, touch and go, full stop landing

Airworks min. 1 hour

Learn aircraft basic and advanced handling such as climb, descend, steep turn, and stall recovery

Cross Country min. 1 hour

Fly from one airport to another. Solo flight also available, our instructor will act as air traffic controller.

IR Refreshment min. 1 hour

  • VOR: Homing, Intercepting
  • NDB: Homing, Intercepting, QDR, QDM
  • APP: ILS, VOR DME, VOR Only, NDB App, Arc App

Abnormal and Emergency Operation
min. 1 hour Advanced Instructor

Learn how to handle aircraft in abnormal operation and/or emergency procedure
  • Engine Failure
  • Instrument Failure
  • Lost of Navigation
  • IMC during VFR

Pricing Plan

Instructor 30 minutes
Not Available
IDR 700.000
Instructor 1 hour
IDR 1.150.000
IDR 1.000.000
Instructor 2 hours
IDR 2.000.000
IDR 1.800.000
Instructor 3 hours and above
IDR 1.000.000 /hrs
IDR 800.000 /hrs
Fly With Captain Vincent Raditya
IDR 3.000.000 /hrs
* reservation follows Captain Vincent schedule
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