Reguler Flight Packages

Joyflight min. 30 mins

Flying over city to enjoy scenery view

Circuit Pattern min. 30 mins

Learn aircraft basic handling, take-off, touch and go, full stop landing

Airworks min. 1 hour

Learn aircraft basic and advanced handling such as climb, descend, steep turn, and stall recovery

Cross Country min. 1 hour

Fly from one airport to another. Solo flight also available, our instructor will act as air traffic controller.

IR Refreshment min. 1 hour

  • VOR: Homing, Intercepting
  • NDB: Homing, Intercepting, QDR, QDM
  • APP: ILS, VOR DME, VOR Only, NDB App, Arc App

Abnormal and Emergency Operation
min. 1 hour Advanced Instructor

Learn how to handle aircraft in abnormal operation and/or emergency procedure
  • Engine Failure
  • Instrument Failure
  • Lost of Navigation
  • IMC during VFR

Pricing Plan

Instructor 30 minutes
Not Available
IDR 700.000
Instructor 1 hour
IDR 1.150.000
IDR 1.000.000
Instructor 2 hours
IDR 2.000.000
IDR 1.800.000
Instructor 3 hours and above
IDR 1.000.000 /hrs
IDR 800.000 /hrs
Fly With Captain Vincent Raditya
IDR 3.000.000 /hrs
* reservation follows Captain Vincent schedule
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Business Offer

Reiner Alex
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